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Celebrating 125 years of the Blackpool Tower

Over 125 Years of History!

The Blackpool Tower is one of Britain’s best-loved landmarks, and one of the most popular Blackpool venues for function room hire. Our iconic venue opened in 1894, where the first visitors stood in awe of the remarkable design, immense scale and ornate decorations. Even today, as attractions have evolved and developed within the Blackpool Tower, visitors are astounded by the remarkable World Famous Attraction’s unarguable wow factor.

11 different rooms within 5 amazing attractions around the Tower enables us to be your venue host from 2 guests to over 2000 guests. Our event coordinators will guide you each step of the way ensuring you enjoy the planning process and your event here at The Blackpool Tower is everything you imagined and more!



Blackpool Tower Attraction Ballroom With Dancers

A strictly magical ballroom

Step into the sensationally stylish Blackpool Tower Ballroom where the Blackpool episode of Strictly Come Dancing is filmed each year and prepare to be lost in a world of elegant charm and refined beauty.


A beautiful brick building and iconic tower which is worth visiting for the architecture as much as the attractions within. Great views from the top and the glass walkway is always a good test of your nerves. Always a pleasure to visit.

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